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A passenger enjoys the comfort and privacy of her car’s tinted windows.

The Science Behind Auto Window Tinting And Why You Need It

Window tinting is something less of a luxury and more of a necessity, especially for car owners who live in a place as hot and sunny as Florida.

This small addition to your homes, office spaces and automobiles can help you in more ways than you realize. From lower HVAC bills and fuel costs to better insulation and temperature control, as well as safer driving and sun-exposure, our Auto window tint Naples can work wonders for you in the long- and short-term.

But what is the science behind these films and tints?

How auto window tints work

Auto tints work by creating a physical barrier between your vehicle’s glass and outside elements, like sunlight.

Made of a special type of auto-glass, it’s designed to offer you a multitude of benefits. It helps filter out sunrays, blocking UV rays from entering your vehicle, and thus affecting your health and the interiors of your car.

By allowing light to come through and reducing the amount of heat, this glass is meant to make your journey more comfortable and keep your vehicle running efficiently.

The glass keeps out both UV and visible light that can raise temperatures in a space, and with prolonged exposure damage the driver and passengers, as well as hinder their functionality due to glare, or causing migraines and headaches.

The special material tends to not only filter but also reflect the harmful rays back into the outside environment, making your car much safer thanks to the darker shade.  

A car whose windows were tinted by our team can be seen here parked in the daylight.

Some of the benefits they offer

In addition to its functions are a reflector of sunrays and filter for UV and visible light, window tints offer other benefits too. You can expect the following in the long and short-run:

  • Lowered fuel consumption and costs
  • More comfortable, safer interiors
  • Better visibility and control while driving
  • More privacy and security in public and on the road
  • Higher value for your vehicle

Window tints not only give your vehicle a sleeker, more classy appearance, but they also improve its function and efficiency.

Window tints not only give your vehicle a sleeker, more classy appearance, but they also improve its function and efficiency.

Where you can get quality window tints

If you’re based in Bonita Springs, or Naples, FL, get in touch with us for our Window tinting Naples services. We offer high-quality car window tinting Bonita Springs FL for your vehicles that will keep your car safe from sun damage and protect you against UV rays. Get a free estimate here!