About TropicArmor™


If you live in a deep south tropical environment there is no denying the damaging toll taken by extreme weather. The sun is brighter, temperature hotter, rain and wind are more fierce and unfortunately these days dangerous hurricanes are not "if" but instead "when". TropicArmor 16MM high-impact polycarbonate protection panels are lightweight, multilayer, UV shielding, long lasting, inexpensive, in stock and protects your home, business and family in hazardous storm conditions.  

The TropicArmor team has designed, engineered and manufactured polycarbonate mil-spec ballistic rated and ANSI certified personal protective equipment for over a dozen years. Today we are confidently applying that hands on material expertise to keep your property and family safely protected in severe tropical environments. TropicArmor is a Florida family owned business, "For Floridians by Floridians", thank you for considering us to protect who and what you cherish- protect@tropicarmor.com