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When driving for prolonged periods of time, it helps to have tinted windows.

How Tinted Window Can Improve Driving Safety

In 2018 alone, Florida saw 3133 traffic fatalities, in 2915 crashes, with one of the highest traffic death rates per 100,000 residents. Traffic safety should be a top priority for the state, local governments, residents, and other stakeholders, with such dismal and terrifying numbers looking right at us.

A large number of traffic fatalities and accidents, in general, tend to be quite preventable or require simple interventions and changes. More conscious driving, no cell-phone usage, stricter speed limits are some of the most common measures taken at official levels.

But at the personal and individual level, you can invest in quality window tints that contribute to greater safety. Wondering how?

Reduced glare and sunlight

Glare is one of the biggest challenges for drivers, especially when it’s intense and blinding. Untinted and exposed windows let in too many UV rays and affect vision and comfort levels. Florida is literally known as the Sunshine State, and we have an abundance of that all through the day and the year. Driving on a bright, hot day can quickly become a health hazard as you struggle to shield yourself from the bright light.

Our car window tinting can help you stay safe while you’re out on the road, preventing glare and sunlight from entering directly and even via reflections.

Better visibility at night

Glare isn’t just a daytime problem. In fact, the halo effect from other cars’ headlights, streetlights, reflections, and other sources can be incredibly distracting and dangerous for drivers too.

A lot of drivers fear being out at night for this very reason, but don’t let it hold you back. So long sa your car’s headlights are functional, a tint will not hinder visibility. Instead, as mentioned above, it will aid a clearer vision by cutting back the glare.

Driving during the day can be challenging because of sun glare, but tinted windows can minimize that.

More protection from shattered glass

Often, glass from windows gets shattered on impact and causes various injuries and fatalities. It’s dangerous for drivers and passengers who are in the vehicle at the time of an accident because the glass can severely injure them.

But tints can help because they are essentially films that lend a layer of additional protection and adhesion, and while not guaranteed, it helps to have that safety.

If you’re concerned about your safety while you’re on the road, get in touch with us at  Tropic Armor for our Window tinting services Naples in Bonita Springs and Naples, FL. You can also get a free estimate here.

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