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how much does home window tinting cost

How Much Does Home Window Tinting Cost?

We can really feel the heat coming in from a room, especially when we are in the dog-days of summer. Our first instinct is to turn up the A/C to cool off so we can relax. But, did you know that you may actually benefit and save by considering window tint for that room, or even the entire home? So you then ask: How much does home window tinting cost?

Home window tint cost can vary depending on several factors: the amount of windows you are looking to tint (based on square foot), the type of film you are looking to get as well as the brand of film. Of course, complexity of install is also a factor such as ladder work, complicated or small cuts.

What is the cost to tint my home?

But since you are reading this article to get a better idea of cost for the actual install. You can usually expect it to be based on the square foot plus any waste the installer may calculate. So for instance, a basic silver reflective film could run from $7/sq foot up to $9/sq foot depending on the area. For comparison, a high-performing ceramic film could be up to $14/sq foot or more in some cases.

Tropic Armor even carries a Transition film from CoolVu Window Films. This film will stay very clear when the sun is not out, but transition to a darker film when direct sun hits the glass. This gives the best of both worlds, but is a custom quote depending on the job as well.

What are the benefits to tinting my home?

At the end of the day, while cost is the factor, keep in mind that tinting a home could save on cooling costs of around 15%. When you calculate that in annually, you end up getting the money back from tinting your entire home. After all, we all love to save on energy cost AND be comfortable right?

Want to know the cost to tint your home or that hot room from Tropic Armor? Contact us today and we will come out to give an estimate and explain the different film types as well as the benefits from each.