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How Long Does Window Tint Last in Florida?

How long window tint will last is essential to contemplate when considering window tinting for your car, home, or business. In each situation, there are different concerns and the amount of time that tinting lasts depends on the type of film used and the area’s climate.

Automobile Tinting

There are various brands of window tint which are available for automobiles. Most Decorative Window Film blocks about 98 percent of the sun’s infrared rays and about 99 percent of UV rays. Automobile tint products help keep the interior of the car cooler and increase your car’s security by making the interior less visible.

You can get great results by choosing a quality film and have it applied by an experienced professional. The cheaper do-it-yourself kits may help you save a few bucks at the time, but the tint generally bubbles and tears in a short period. Professionally applied tinting can last years.

Residential Tinting

Choosing to have your home’s windows tinted is a great choice that reduces your energy costs, reduces fading of your furniture by protecting it from sunlight, and helps to protect your family from the sun’s damaging rays.

Most new homeowners will choose to have a window tint applied during the construction period. However, it is an excellent choice for an older home. It would be best if you are looking for an experienced professional with quality products of window tint. Your company may apply an inferior product which will only not last for a long time If you are not careful. Quality tinting provides protection from the sun, adds value to your home, and also reduces your cooling costs for several years to come.

Commercial Tinting

Using window tinting on a commercial building makes good business sense. Window tinting can help reduce overhead by lowering energy bills and by protecting furnishings. Another plus is that window tinting can protect employees from UV and infrared light. Tinting also is excellent for security purposes. It doesn’t allow people to see into the business from the street, while you can still see out.

Your business is an investment, and you should approach your window tinting as part of your investment. It would reflect poorly on your company if someone came in and did a shoddy job of applying your tint using inferior products that only last a little while before bubbling, peeling, cracking, or developing a haze. You should take your time out of a busy schedule and look for a professional window tinting company that offers a guarantee and uses the best products available so you won’t have to worry later on.


Whether you need to spruce up your car or protect your business or home, you will receive what you pay for when choosing the company to handle your tinting needs. Check out their references, ask friends for referrals, and ask if they offer a guarantee on their quality and products. You want to feel comfortable with your choice and get the best results.

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