Tropic Armor


1. Dark window films are too dark for me, and light ones aren’t great at blocking heat. Is there a point to getting my windows tinted?

Older clear window films may not have been able to block solar heat, but modern ones do. High-quality clear window tints can block up to 55% of solar heat. They even have reflective properties that reduce glare and block harsh UVA and UVB rays.

You don’t have to compromise your view with dark window tints if you don’t want to. You can speak to us about our clear window films, and we’ll tell you all about their many benefits. There’s a much better option than not having your windows tinted at all.

2. Like many homeowners in Florida, I’ve invested in impact windows that cost me quite a bit of money. Don’t window tints compromise the structural integrity of impact windows?

Affordable, low quality window tints will affect the strength of your impact windows. Impact windows consist of multiple laminated layers of glass. Placing bad quality tints on the glass can lead to excess heat absorption, causing the glass layers to expand and crack.

Our team will examine your impact windows to determine what films are most suitable. For impact windows, we usually use lightweight, non-reflective window films. We’ve installed window films on impact windows in the past.

We even give you the option of installing exterior films that reduce the amount of light coming in without affecting the strength of the glass.

3. I’ve had window tints in the past, I don’t believe they effectively block heat. How do I know yours will?

There’s a huge difference between the window films manufactured today and window tint films from a decade ago. High-end window films from renowned brands go through testing and analysis to determine how much light and heat they block. We share the information with our clients before they make a purchase.

You can rest assured that you’ll definitely get your money’s worth when you work with Tropic Armor.

4. I don’t want to invest in blinds, will window tints be enough?

It depends on the window film you choose. Some window tints will give you complete privacy when it’s brighter outside than it is inside; others provide privacy at all times.

Tell us your requirements, and we can help you pick a window film that meets your needs.

5. How long will they last?

We make a point to only work with the best products in the market. Our premium products have a lifetime warranty; they’re built to last.

6. How big of a difference do window tints make?

Our window tints can block 99% of UV rays and increase energy-efficiency by 15%. They eliminate hot and cold spots in the building and prevent temperature fluctuations, creating a more comfortable environment for everyone. You’ll definitely feel the difference, and you’ll see your utility bills decline with time.

Have any more questions for us? Feel free to reach out to us; we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.