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5 Common Types of Home Window Tint

Have you ever thought about Window tinting? You are in the right place for either more privacy or limiting the amount of direct sunlight coming inside. There are various types of window tinting homes you should be familiar with. Here are the common types of home window tint. You can use the differences between them.

1. Heat Control

Are you receiving a lot of direct sunlight in your home? You may want to consider a heat control window tint. This helps block out up to 78% of the solar heat that passes through regular glass.

If you deal with rooms that heat up during the day and have a hard time getting those to cool down, heat control film will help solve this problem. 

As a bonus, your air conditioner won’t have to work as hard, which equates to lower energy bills.

2. Insulated Tint

With single-pane windows, a lot of the air or heat in your home will escape through them. Insulating Decorative Window Film will add another layer of insulation to the glass. This will help trap your air inside your home and protect it from getting any drafts coming in from the outside.

This is another excellent way to lower your utility bill every month. A laboratory test has been shown to reduce a window’s u-value by up to 13%.

3. Metalized Window Tint

This tint option is one of the most durable window tint types. It is made up of tiny particles of metal instead of dye. The heavier the metal coating is, the darker the film will be, and the more reflective it will be. The metal particles make the film reflective on the outside, which is perfect if you intend to provide privacy during the day and night.

Metal films are very stable and can last a long time because they are not prone to changing colors, and this tint does not lose its heat blocking capabilities over time. Another benefit of a metal film is that it enhances your window. Tinting Protects from UV and Heat. It blocks some harmful UV rays.

4. Security Window Tint

This tint option is excellent if you want to protect your home against burglary and intruders. You can use it around every window in your home or reinforce any vulnerable entry points to your home.

Security film adds another layer of security to the glass if a standard break-in tool is used. This only deters any attempts to break-in to the hand also reduces the risk of flying glass pieces.

5. Privacy Film

There are a few different types of privacy films available. You have the option of a privacy mirror window film that comes in one-way or two-way options. In a home, a one-way mirror film will allow all of the light to go inside your home while preventing people from looking inside.

Another privacy film option is a black window film. This is perfect if some of your rooms are too bright or you are relying on your curtains to keep the sunshine out. This will block out the light while giving you complete privacy.

Which Home Window Tint Will You Choose?

Now that you are familiar with the most common types of window film, which home window tint will you choose? With the above, you will be making an informed decision on the kind of Window tinting Naples, Florida which suits your home. Please contact us for a quote today!

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